Upcoming Webinar: “Squeaky Clean Start to 2023”

Getting off on the right foot in the new year is important personally AND in your greenhouse, especially when it comes to pest management.

Join two of our Canadian greenhouse experts for some great talks on where, when and how to sanitize in your greenhouse to avoid pest outbreaks, and new research findings on dipping vegetative cuttings to reduce incoming pests.

More details can be found below on how to register for this joint event between Michigan State Extension and OMAFRA’s Grow ON Webinar series.

Free Webinar in GROW ON Series

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Greenhouse Waste Disposal Through Composting

Composting rockwool? Deactivating ToBRFV? Tell me more…

Walker Industries has developed a method to process and recycle spent rockwool slabs, turning it into a bulk agent for soil blends. This is a true win for a more sustainable approach to greenhouse waste disposal.

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A FRESH START: Making the Most of Crop Clean Out

As we approach the end of the 2022 crop cycle for many greenhouse vegetable and fruit crops, there is an opportunity to start anew. Get out your brooms, power washers and scrub brushes! And dive into a critical component of integrated pest management (IPM): conducting a thorough clean out between crops. This cultural management tool reduces carryover of arthropod pests and plant pathogens, improving the success of IPM programs in your next crop.

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