Thrips: Going Dark for Winter

Authors: Dr. S. Jandricic (OMAFRA) and A. Summerfield (Vineland).

It turns out thrips and Sarah have something very important in common – they both like to change up their look depending on the season!

Although you (probably) have no trouble recognizing her with a change of hair colour, different colour morphs within certain thrips species can throw growers for a loop when it comes to identification.

Read on for which thrips like to shake it up seasonally, so you don’t get fooled.

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Thrips Identification

Western flower thrips in pepper flower

Simple Thrips Key for Growers:

This grower-friendly, pictorial key has been developed to make thrips identification easier on-farm. Recently, thrips species other than western flower thrips have become a significant problem in Ontario floriculture greenhouses. Correct identification is the first step to better control.

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Tropical Thrips Species Intercepted on Plant Material in Ontario: Be Aware – But Don’t Panic.


Figure 1. Thrips parvispinus is generally dark coloured (though the head and thorax can be lighter than the abdomen), has bright red ocelli and clear patches at the top of its wings.
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Pepper Weevil: Are we in the clear?

If you grow peppers in North America, then I’m sure you are familiar with pepper weevil, Anthonomus eugenii. This economically damaging pest is always at the forefront of our minds through production.

Figure 1. Snout of a pepper weevil emerging from an aborted bud.
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